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Vacancy: Field Exchange Sub-Editor and Content Coordinator

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19 Mar 2021, 12:52

ENN is seeking a Sub-Editor and Content Coordinator for our publication Field Exchange (FEX). This is an exciting opportunity to join our growing FEX and wider Technical Team working to coordinate the development of Field Exchange content and lead the sub-editorial process. If you are a passionate, internationally experienced nutritionist or public health professional with exceptional writing and communication skills, and the ability to produce high quality technical content for publication, please take a look at the Job Description and apply!

ENN staff are encouraged to explore and develop their own specialisms and interest areas, contributing to our diversity of skillset and knowledge and there will be the opportunity to engage across of the range ENN projects and with external stakeholders in this role. ENN in a flexible employer and this role could be home or office based, full or part-time.

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19 Apr 2021, 12:31

New Closing date for applications: Friday 30th April 2021 

Updated job description can be found here:

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