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Examples of Sustainability of the Peer Care group model (especially mother care groups)

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Methi Satyanarayana

Mercy Corps

Normal user

14 Sep 2021, 16:17

Hello! I am seeking examples of the adoption of the peer care group model (example mother to mother care groups or father care groups) by Ministries of Health as part of their health care systems. 

Typically, the peer care group model is promoted by NGOs but I am interested in finding good examples of the successful handover of care groups in the global south from NGOs to the Ministry of Health where sustainability was achieved and where scaling up of the approach was possible. 

What country examples are out there? What NGOs were able to successfully hand over their care groups? How did those NGOs plan for sustainability in the early stages of their programs? How did the NGOs convince the Ministries of health of the value of the peer care group model?

How did the ministries of health take on the care group model and was there evidence of scaling up the model into new areas or with different participants?


Alessandro Iellamo

Emergency Nutrition Adviser

Technical expert

15 Sep 2021, 06:21


thanks for your question, really an important one, everyone we speak about "sustainability".

I know for a fact that there are several governments/MOPH that have lead and support the scaled up of support that came to my mind is Nigeria for example....with an excellent set of guidance and tools disseminated nationwide to all the various states and to all the various facilities 

here some relevant documentation of the process: 

and here you can find the relevant documentation and tools: 




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