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Consultant needed for root cause analysis of micronutrient data

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Megan Bourassa

Micronutrient Forum

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26 Jul 2022, 20:32

Purpose:  The Micronutrient Data Innovational Alliance (DInA), hosted by MNF, seeks to improve the availability, quality, accessibility, and use of micronutrient data to support national-level decision-makers. To accomplish that goal, DInA must first identify opportunities to support the maturation of the micronutrient data ecosystem. To best identify the issues that inhibit progress, DInA is conducting a review of existing analysis, and based on that body of knowledge, will conduct a root cause analysis to identify the root cause of the limitations to the current data ecosystem. To improve the micronutrient data ecosystem, DInA has identified three problem areas for inquiry: availability of data, data analysis, and the will and coordination to develop evidence-based policies and programs. MNF seeks a consultant to carry out the interviews and written reports/briefs for the root cause analysis.

Period of Performance. MNF hereby retains Consultant on a non-exclusive basis to render the Services during the period commencing August 1st, 2022 through January 31st, 2023. Said term may only be extended by mutual agreement of the Parties.

Services. The Consultant is engaged to provide the following services to assist in designing the interview structure, schedule and conduct interviews with key informants, and write written reports for the root-cause analysis.

Deliverables and Milestones.  The Consultant will deliver:

  • Co-create interview questionnaire for semi-structured interviews with the DInA team to identify the root cause of issues surrounding micronutrient data use in policies and programs.
  • Support defining the most appropriate low- and middle-income countries (5-7) to include in the analysis and identify individuals to interview.
  • Schedule and conduct interviews with 2-3 people across different departments and job functions from 5-7 countries (10-21 interviews total).
  • Record, transcribe, translate to English (if needed), and qualitatively analyze interviews.
  • Summarize findings in a written report (~5000 words/10 pages) in the context of how DInA can have the greatest impact on the micronutrient data ecosystem at a national level. Ideally, this report will also be publishable in a peer-reviewed publication in a nutrition journal. Two to three rounds of review are anticipated with the DInA and MNF teams, each within 10 days of receiving the draft.
  • Regular touchpoints with the DInA/MNF team at least once every month, but more if needed.

Proposed timeline for the project:

  • August: Planning of questionnaires and design of semi-structured interviews. Identify potential countries to use for the root cause analysis.
  • September-October: Scheduling and conducting interviews approximately 10-21 people.
  • November-December: Write up and internal review of root cause analysis.
  • January: Submit Root Cause Analysis for publication.

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