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Standardized guidance for necessary ingredients and staffing per treatment facility?

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Derek Lee

International Rescue Committee

Normal user

10 Apr 2023, 21:42

Hi all,

The IRC is currently working on developing a tool to advise on the cost-efficiency and coverage implications of different delivery mechanisms (i.e. simplified approach vs standard CMAM, MUAC only or combined with WHZ, etc.) As part of this tool we're developing a default necessary ingredients list of staff and supplies per facility that users can then edit as needed. Can anyone suggest any standardized guidance that might provide the above information? The best one I found was USAID's FANTA CTC guidance from 2006, but I haven't found anything more recent.

Lani Trenouth

Normal user

15 May 2023, 18:34

Hi Derek,

While also not very recent, the FANTA CMAM Costing Tool is pre-populated with some data on resource requirements (lists of supplies, personnel) which I found to be a very useful starting point. Having used it in a number of settings and ground-truthing the assumptions built into the tool, I found I had to make a lot of modifications. Happy to chat more if you want further details.

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