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WEBINAR SERIES: Dissemination and operationalization of the new WHO guidelines on prevention and management of wasting in Africa

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Stephanie Wrottesley

Emergency Nutrition Network

Forum moderator

26 Sep 2023, 16:11

Following the release of the updated WHO recommendations on the prevention and management of wasting and nutritional oedema in infants and children under five years, the five UN agencies within the Global Action Plan (GAP) on wasting  (WHO, UNICEF, WFP, FAO, UNHCR) are hosting a webinar series for the dissemination and operationalization of the new guidelines in Africa.

You are invited to a series of four (4) webinars planned in October 2023 as per below. The webinars will run from 15.00-18.00 Kenya time on each of the below dates.

• Webinar #1 3 October 2023: Revised WHO Recommendations on managing wasting and their implication on current programming. 

• Webinar #2 10 October 2023: Accelerating management of wasting; scalable strategies and approaches.

• Webinar #3 17 October 2023: System strengthening. 

• Webinar #4 24 October 2023 : Financing and information management

The webinars will provide the government, partners, and other key stakeholders an opportunity to take stock of the current progress, deep dive into the revised WHO recommendations for the prevention and management of wasting and nutritional oedema, and provide critical insights on what the changes would mean for wasting programming at the country level.

You can register for the webinars here.

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