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Family MUAC resources for Yemen

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Marlene Traore-Hebie

Senior nutrition advisor

Normal user

7 Feb 2024, 02:51

Dear nutrition colleagues,

There was a previous request Family MUAC resources in Yemen in relation to COVID-19 but the post does not seems to have received an aswer.

woulld be grateful if someone could share resources, training materials, learning and/or studies around implementation of Family MUAC in Yemen.


Kemal J. Tunne

Emergency project coordinator

Normal user

7 Feb 2024, 09:11

I fully understand you're looking for resources on Family MUAC implementation in Yemen, particularly in relation to COVID-19. While the previous post you mentioned might not have received a direct response, I can provide you with some helpful information and resources:

General Resources on Family MUAC:

  • The Family MUAC Approach: This website by the State of Acute Malnutrition provides a comprehensive overview of the approach, including key resources, tools, and guidelines. You'll find materials from various organizations like Action Against Hunger, GOAL, and World Vision.
  • Family MUAC Approach in the Time of COVID-19: Implementation Guidance for Programme Managers: This document by Save the Children offers specific guidance on adapting Family MUAC during the pandemic, addressing challenges and best practices.

Resources on Family MUAC in Yemen:

  • Resources | Global Nutrition Cluster: This page lists resources related to Family MUAC implementation in Yemen, including presentations, tools, and evaluation guides.
  • ADRA Yemen Presents: MAMI Pilot Implementation Webinar Presentation: This presentation by ADRA Yemen showcases their experience with the MAMI (Management of Acute Malnutrition in Infants) program, which integrates Family MUAC.

Additional Resources:

  • en-net: Resources and sharing experiences of using Family MUAC in Yemen?: While this forum post doesn't have a direct answer, it highlights the need for information sharing on the topic. You could consider reaching out to the community directly to see if anyone has relevant resources or experiences to share.

Finding Studies and Learning:

  • PubMed: Search for "Family MUAC Yemen" or similar keywords on PubMed to find relevant research articles and studies.
  • Google Scholar: This search engine can also help you find academic papers and reports on the topic.
  • Websites of NGOs and UN agencies: Organizations like UNICEF, WFP, and WHO often publish reports and evaluations on their websites. Check their nutrition or Yemen-specific sections for relevant materials.

I hope this information helps! If you have any further questions or need more specific resources, feel free to ask.

Kemal J Tunne

from Ethiopia

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