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Nutrition Information Management Officer - World Vision

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Colleen Emary

World Vision International

Normal user

27 May 2013, 15:08

Nutrition Information Management Officer – World Vision International As a member of the Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC), Rapid Response Team (RRT), the Nutrition Information Management Officer (NIMO) is responsible for facilitating and guiding the cluster and cluster lead agency towards a reliable and predictable response through the provision of evidence based strategic and operational information. The NIMO compiles inventories of needs and response that lead to a repeatable situational analysis of program gaps. The NIMO facilitates partner coordination, information sharing, and reduces duplication through technical standards. The purpose of creating the RRT is to increase the capacity of the GNC to support information management functions and to ensure timely information management support in humanitarian situations – for improved emergency response. The NIMO will be deployed to support the establishment of the Nutrition Cluster in the early stages of an emergency response or to support specific Nutrition Cluster Coordination needs in on-going emergencies. Fifty percent of time for this position will be spent on deployment to support country-level Nutrition Clusters, 25% dedicated to supporting GNC operations with periodic visits to Geneva and 25% focused on supporting nutrition cluster activities and nutrition information management within World Vision International.

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