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Nutrition Specialist

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RedR Australia

Standby Register, RedR Australia

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28 May 2013, 03:45

Nutrition Specialist RedR Australia is a not-for-profit international emergency response organisation. RedR Australia maintains a Standby Register of experienced and highly mobile professionals to assist with humanitarian operations. RedR Australia has recently deployed personnel to support UN Agencies in Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Jordan, Liberia, Pakistan, Fiji, South Sudan, Kenya, Switzerland, Egypt, Italy, Thailand, Myanmar, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq and Egypt. As part of RedR Australia’s ongoing support to humanitarian operations worldwide, we are seeking Nutrition Specialists with the ability to deploy rapidly and work in demanding situations for three to six months, to join the Standby Register. Nutrition Specialists with RedR Australia are deployed to a UN agency such as WFP, UNICEF, WHO and UNHCR to provide support and implement programs during times of severe food insecurity and famine where large numbers of vulnerable people are at risk of malnutrition. Key Responsibilities Nutrition Specialists will commonly be required to: 1. Conduct a thorough assessment of the current health system of the country/region, focusing on its ability to respond and manage the crisis. From this you will be able to analyse gaps and suggest rapid corrective measures; 2. Conduct community visits to map malnutrition sites, types and magnitude of needs of children and women (as a primary focus); 3. Develop an action plan and inventory of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food; e.g. Plumpy Nut needs by health district with a detailed supply schedule for nutrition therapeutic centres; 4. Develop and set up a data collection mechanism, meeting all nutritional data (who, how many, how severe, food and treatment required) needs for an emergency context; 5. Monitor the trends in the nutritional status of women and children and vulnerable populations and identify core advocacy concerns utilising Nutritional Surveillance Tools. Qualifications, knowledge and experience required 1. Education: Advanced University degree (Masters or equivalent) in Dietician or other relevant field, such as Public Health. 2. At least two to five years’ experience in the field of international nutrition, preferably in emergency response settings, either with multilateral, bilateral agencies or NGOs. 3. A minimum of one year experience in emergency response or humanitarian relief context (though experience in a development context is also highly regarded) and experience working at a national or international level supporting the development of policy and guidelines for nutrition. 4. Experience working with Ready-to-Use-Therapeutic-Foods. 5. Experience working with malnourished population, and identifying the nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating mothers. 6. Experience in nutrition research and capacity building as well as interagency coordination is beneficial. 7. Good command of English. Knowledge of another language (French or Arabic in particular) is desirable. Where we work UN agencies have in recent times requested RedR Australia Standby Register personnel in: • Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey and Jordan to support Syrian refugee movements and help respond to the Syria crisis. • Myanmar to provide aid relief related to the ongoing conflict and displacement. • Pakistan and the Philippines assisting with affected communities victims of natural disasters. Apply now! A generic Nutrition Specialist Terms of Reference is available on our website and on our Positions Vacant page. If you feel you have the requisite attributes to join the RedR Australia Standby Register as a Nutrition Specialist, apply here. We look forward to receiving your application and CV and working with you through the recruitment process. RedR Australia operates in accordance with Australian employment law; only people currently with the right to work in Australia are eligible to be accepted on to the RedR Register.

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