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Pilot of PD in Internally Displaced persons camps

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Anonymous 2281

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2 Jun 2013, 12:53

I have an intention to pilot a “Positive Deviance” approach IDPcamp using the EHA approach based on two different “case definitions” of positive deviance that will be explored. • Well-nourished children under five from the community (who have never been in a CMAM program) • OTP children who are “fast responders” The approach rests on the observation that even in poor communities, programmers can find examples of families achieving better health outcomes than their neighbors with whom they share the same resources. The approach identifies PD individuals and their successful strategies, demonstrating that solutions to ingrained social challenges are already at hand. The information derived from this pilot will be integrated into the ENA strengthened health education sessions and potentially in other community based health education and behavior centered activities. Specific behaviors to be measured include (1) early initiation of breastfeeding (within first hour after birth), (2) exclusive breastfeeding to six months, (3) continued breastfeeding at one year, (4) continued breastfeeding through two years, (5) appropriate introduction of complementary foods, (6) ORT usage for children with diarrhea and (7) sanitary means of excreta disposal. I seek further insights to this pilot and welcome your views on its feasibility in IDP settings.



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3 Jun 2013, 10:02

Conduct of PD hearth is practical, in the concept of PD/Hearth approach its behavior change communication especially to mothers like encouraging them to do exclusive breastfeeding,IYCF, complementary feeding, but how can you do PD hearth in the IDP camps? they do not have available resources that can be used when preparing food for children. And the only foods they have is the relief given to them. Since it is emergency setting, the food should also be ready to use. In camps, you can not easily prepare, because of the limitations of cooking utensils, safe water, good sanitation and etc.

Rogers Wanyama

Emergency Nutrition Specialist

Normal user

3 Jun 2013, 10:15

Hi A similar post . Thanks

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