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looking for adult stadiometers - urgently!

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Victoria Sibson

independent nutritionist

Normal user

15 Jun 2013, 01:10

Save the Children and WFP are doing a nutrition and food security assessment in the Dry Zone of Myanmar. We plan to measure the height and weight of women of reproductive age to estimate the prevalence of chronic energy deficiency. Our field work starts a week tomorrow - June 22nd - however our adult stadiometers never left London! If there is any agency in Myanmar or close by (Bangkok?) who has 9 adult stadiometers we could borrow we would be very grateful. Please let me know asap -

Mark Myatt

Frequent user

16 Jun 2013, 05:11

Leaving aside the utility of BMI (meaning varies with population due to environmental (ecological and dietary), cultural, and genetic factors, not useful in pregnancy) which I guess is why you want to measure adult stature. I think you should plan for the worst and make these in-country. You need DIY measuring tapes (2 metre steel tapes should be good enough) or dressmakers tapes (if you can get them long enough ... or ... you could fix a 1 metre tape with the 0 cm mark at, e.g., 1 metre above the ground and correct measurements for this), some epoxy resin (for the steel tape) or contact adhesive (for the dressmakers tapes), lengths of planed lumber of (e.g.) 50mm by 25mm by 2000mm, and some sticky tape. Break open the tapes and glue them to the lumber using the sticky tape to hold them in place until the epoxy dries (steel tapes) - no need for sticky tape if you use dressmakers tapes and contact adhesive. You'd need to fashion a cursor. All the materials and the craftsmen to make these should be available in any town.

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