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Nutrition response in urban areas

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Nicki Connell

Emergency Nutrition Advisor, Save the Children

Normal user

19 Aug 2013, 09:40

Hi all

Does anyone have any resources related to responding to nutrition emergencies (or nutrition-related emergencies) specifically in urban settings?

Many thanks.

Laura Phelps

Urban Advisor, NRC (starting Sept 2013)

Technical expert

21 Aug 2013, 18:37

Hi Nicki,

Thanks for your interesting and very relevant question. As a member of the Nutrition Works team that recently (Oct 2012) conducted a desk review of urban food security and nutrition for Save the Children: we found that there were very few urban specific guidelines for situation / response analysis, targeting or response and none that relate to urban nutrition response.
However, there is some very interesting thinking and learning which is due to be published in a special edition of the Field Exchange in September with a focus on food security and nutrition with a number of urban nutrition field articles from Concern, ACF and MSF, so it is definitely worth looking out for that,
best wishes

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