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KAP questionnaire

This question was posted the Infant and young child feeding interventions forum area and has 7 replies.

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Alison Donnelly

Normal user

8 Sep 2013, 11:12

Does anyone have an example of a questionnaire for a KAP survey of IYCF and hygiene practices that has worked well and can help to assess/identify the following? - Community awareness/knowledge - Primary and secondary barriers to good practices. - The appropriateness of BCC strategies in currently being used place We are planning a survey in South Sudan, but a review of available questionnaires has indicated that most focus on assessing practice without much attention given to the knowledge and attitude components. Any help would be much appreciated!

Anonymous 2371

Principal Nursing Officer/ Turkana County Governme

Normal user

8 Oct 2013, 15:04

I would wish also to receive the same information requested. I would like to develop KAP questionnaire for a study I would like to do in Yemen a well as in Kenya.


Forum Moderator, ENN

Forum moderator

10 Oct 2013, 09:43

An example has been provided by Sana Jamil. If others are interested to receive a copy, please contact Thank you.

Issack Yakub

Normal user

13 Oct 2013, 08:24

Can any one help me on the KAP questionnaire earlier posted on this page

Anonymous 2371

Principal Nursing Officer/ Turkana County Governme

Normal user

15 Oct 2013, 11:38

Hi, I would like to know how is the author for iycf size calculator? Since I would like to use it for estimating the sample size for each of indicator in IYCF and secondly, If you do not information of the each of the indicator what will use to estimate? thanks in advance, Regards, ENUNU, Henry

Anonymous 81

Public Health Nutritionist

Normal user

30 Nov 2013, 04:53

Dear Anonymous 2371, if you don't have information on the prevalence of each indicator, then you can assume 50% for each indicator which is the maximum sample size estimation.

Shewangizaw SA Ashenafi

Nutrition program manager

Normal user

22 Apr 2016, 09:35

Dear Alison
You can also try Design Behavioral Change (DBC) frame work and conduct barrier analysis like Dor’s and non –Dor’s
Please see DBC training guide from the link below.

Eric S. Anderson

Nutrition Advisor USAID FFP

Normal user

22 Apr 2016, 11:49

Further to the suggested DBC manual, here is a link to a more recent, updated version.

Additionally, find below a practical manual for conducting Barrier Analysis in the field.

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