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Director, Nutrition in Emergencies

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GAIN-Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

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30 Sep 2013, 10:53

Responsibilities Driving Innovation • Identify solutions for improving product formulation and food supply chains for lower cost and increased nutrition impact. • Develop partnerships with key actors to establish better supply chains and quality of food and products supplied in emergencies, including work in areas such as local production, improved effectiveness and efficiency of QA/QC processes and resources, and lower cost solutions. • Work with key implementing partners, such as government, UN Agencies and NGOs, to improve policies, standards that, for example, support the resilience and preparedness of local markets, as well as their maintenance during humanitarian crises. • Work with the private sector to develop new technologies that support better nutrition in emergencies. • Establish platforms which incentivize the private sector to develop appropriate technologies (e.g. applications such as containerized units which are small-scale, decentralized, energy-efficient, environmentally sound and locally controlled). • Leverage various market mechanisms such as improved implementation of voucher programs to help relieve immediate sources of deprivation at the household level, ensure the foods received by beneficiaries is of high quality and promote dietary diversification by increasing purchasing power as a complement to direct food security and/or nutrition interventions. • Support new product formulations for target populations in acute and protracted emergencies. Strategic Management • Collaborate closely with GAIN’s Senior Manager for Food Quality, Safety and Procurement to expand a certification process for various foods and supplies used in lipid-based nutrient supplements (LNS), high energy biscuits, water purification tablets, fortified blended foods (e.g. corn-soya blend) and fortified staples and condiments which are used in emergency food baskets. • Manage a technical assistance facility, which builds quality capacity along the value chain in emergency contexts. • Work closely with other Initiative Directors leading one of six key domain areas at GAIN. Resource Mobilization • Conceptualise solutions to improve nutrition in both acute and protracted emergency contexts. • Track new funding opportunities in the relief and emergency sector. • Develop winning proposals for submission to donors, trusts, foundations, the food industry and government. Experience • Minimum of 10 years of experience in nutrition, relief and development work of which 5 should be in a humanitarian context. • Experience selecting suppliers and managing supplier relationships. • Able to manage a team of senior contributors, including those managing small teams. Experience of managing remotely would be an important advantage. • Experience in creating new programs and leveraging commitments from partners and donors. • Experience in the development and implementation of training programs and capacity building initiatives. • Strong experience in project design, proposal writing and winning new funds. Skills & Attributes • Ability to liaise with and build good working relationships within the nutrition sector, including with national government bodies, delivery agencies, the private sector and various other stakeholders, including other INGOs and UN-agencies. • Effective leader with entrepreneurial skills. • Excellent English communication skills, both oral and written. Education • Master’s or Ph.D. in a social science field or another field related to the job or equivalent practical experience at a senior level. Other requirements • A willingness and ability to travel (up to 30%). If you are interested, please, send your CV and cover letter via:

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