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Have you and your colleagues subscribed to Nutrition Exchange yet?

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Chloe Angood

Normal user

2 Oct 2013, 13:35

What is Nutrition Exchange? Nutrition Exchange is an ENN publication that contains short, easy-to-read articles on nutrition programme experiences and learning, from countries with a high burden of malnutrition and those that are prone to crisis. It also summarises research and provides information on guidance, tools and upcoming trainings in nutrition and related sectors. Click here to read current and past issues and Click here to subscribe or email to arrange bulk orders. Copies are available in print and by email and are free of charge. Who is it for? Nutrition Exchange is for all those working to reduce levels of malnutrition at the national, district and community level. This includes Government, Civil Society, International and National Agency staff working in nutrition, including agriculture, health, education, water and sanitation and the social protection sectors. How can you write something for publication in Nutrition Exchange? Practitioners from around the world would like to learn from your experiences of nutrition programme implementation, so why not publish your experiences in Nutrition Exchange? Click here to find out how.

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