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Multi Micro Nutrient Supp & FeFolic Acid- PLW

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Dr. W M Khan

Nutrition Specialist

Normal user

6 Nov 2013, 08:45

Currently its recommended , WHO and National Health policies, to provide Iron & Folic Acid supplementation to Pregnant ladies irrespective of their nutritional status and some evidence is gathering to provide MMN supplementation instead of only FeFolic acid because MMN supp have more positive outcomes in Low birth weight babies. 1) What should be the modalitiy of using FeFolic Acid and MMN supp in PLW with MUAC < 21CM(210mms), dosage and duration of supplement? 2) Shouldnt we prescribe/provide MMN to PLW with MUAC <21CM and FeFolic Acid to all PLW whose MUAC is > 21 CMs? Will appreciate guidance and expert comments. Regards

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