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An INGO directly working with the district MoH as its implementing partner to run CMAM program for whole of the district

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Dr. Kamal Raj

Regional Advisor for South Asia Welthungerhilfe

Normal user

3 Jan 2014, 04:53

I had an opportunity to witness ACF's three year CMAM program in Nepal which is currently managed (operationally and technically) directly by the district MoH. Technical advice and resources comes from ACF with a clearly defined time line and a exit strategy. The program ends in March 2015. Importantly the transfer of knowledge and institutionalization with budget allocation within the government systems has taken place. This model has been tried firstly with an focus that the time and resources invested are absorbed directly into the government system and secondly facilitating an environment within the government system where willingness and commitment is shown to take over once an external agency pulls out. ACF adjusted its involvement in a phase wise manner to allow MoH's ownership and with a sole interest that the final results bears quality and can serve as an model for scale - up to other areas of the country. I am curious to know if others have the similar experience working directly with the government particularly CMAM in South Asia. Lessons leant from such an experience would enhance our confidence in trying out in new areas in South Asia. Please let me know. Thanks. Dr. Kamal Raj

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