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Infection Control - Training Nurses in a Special Nutrition Unit

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Charulatha Banerjee

Terre des hommes Foundation

Normal user

31 Jan 2014, 05:59

Dear all,

I am planning a brief training session for nurse aides ( these are not graduate qualified nurses but those who have had brief 1-2 years of training in short courses and learnt on the job nursing basics) in our Special Nutrition Unit on Infection control.

I intend to include

1. Hand hygiene
2. Injection safety
3. when to isolate patients and how to manage an isolation room?

Is there anything that I am missing out? Can someone give me some simple pointers on the 3rd point?

Have any of you done any similar training and can share resources especially Audiovisuals?

A point to bear in mind is that the SNU is not a hospital setting and resources are limited.

Will be grateful for any pointers


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