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Minimum Union Councils (UC) for SQUEAC due to any reasons

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Provincial Coordinator (Nutrition)

Normal user

7 Feb 2014, 14:40

If the nutrition program is functional in 12 UC of one District & we to conduct SQUEAC in few of them due to any reason, please guide me:

1. Minimum no. of UC for SQUEAC survey?
2. Any selection criteria?

Mark Myatt

Frequent user

7 Feb 2014, 16:24

Twelve SQUEACs would be time-consuming. You can take a sample of UCs. The approach that I use is to build a tree or hierarchy of fixed and program effects with UCs as "leaves" at the end nodes of the tree. Here is an example:

           +-- URBAN -- UC1, UC2, UC3
District --+
           |           +-- NGO supported -- UC4, UC5, UC6
           |           |
           +-- RURAL --+
                       +--- NOT upported -- UC7 .. UC12

In this example we have three end nodes (this is the minimum number of SQUEACs needed). You might pick a UC at random from each of the end-nodes.

It is a good idea to start by listing all factors that you think might have a big effect program operation / coverage and build a bushy tree which you can then "prune" back to include only the most likely major factors. Be sure that the tree can acomodate all UCs.

I hope this helps.

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