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Survey Sample for Pastoral Communities

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Abbas Kedir Jelde

Information Management Specialist

Normal user

11 Feb 2014, 13:20

Dear All, This is to request your advise and experience regarding the following topic Population scattering and mobility are the two main issues encountered in sampling in pastoral areas. The population numbers in pastoral areas are usually very inaccurate and it takes a longer time to travel between sites and find the subjects. If the settlements are small, it is essential to have more clusters, with fewer households/children per cluster, to ensure there will be a sufficient number of children at each site. When undertaking a survey in pastoral areas, a certain number of things can be done at the design stage to improve the representativeness of the sample. Hence what type of sampling technique will you advise for pure pastoralist communities where clan conflict and migration is occurred frequently?

Mark Myatt

Frequent user

11 Feb 2014, 14:47

Some articles and a design report here. A Field Exchange article can be found here. I hope is of some use.

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