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Upcoming one-week training in nutrition University of Geneva CERAH, May 12-16

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Lecturer/researcher, University of Geneva

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8 Apr 2014, 17:32

12 - 16 May 2014 This seminar presents an overview on nutritional crises, their origins, consequences and interventions. Emphasis is given to the recognition of food and nutrition emergencies, clinical aspects of malnutrition, as well as key emergency nutrition interventions. Learning outcomes in terms of knowledge - Recognize food and nutrition emergencies, and use of nutritional indicators - Clinical aspects of malnutrition including micronutrients deficiencies, and their treatment - Key emergency nutrition interventions including therapeutic and supplementary feeding Learning outcomes in terms of skills and analytical competencies: - Use standard methods to conduct nutrition surveys to assess acute/chronic and severe/moderate malnutrition - Manage food aid logistics, targeting, and the equitable distribution of an adequate ration Monitoring and evaluation of food aid and nutrition interventions For more information, visit:

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