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ENN is looking for a Research Facilitator

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Tamsin Walters

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10 Apr 2014, 17:24

Background The ENN is looking to appoint a Research Facilitator (RF) to work within a research team. This is an exciting position for someone with an interest in carrying out field based research in challenging contexts. Following a review carried out by the ENN of the effectiveness of emergency targeted supplementary feeding programmes (TSFP) which concluded that a large proportion of emergency TSFPs failed to reach SPHERE standards for the treatment and prevention of MAM, attention has turned toward potential alternative programmes for prevention of MAM, such as cash transfer (CT) programmes. However, there is an almost complete lack of evidence of the impact of CTs on nutritional status in the published literature although they are increasingly being employed in emergency contexts as well as in seasonal hunger gap periods, where the burden of acute malnutrition is already high. In 2012, the ENN carried out a prospective observational study in Niger with the aim of unpacking the causal framework between cash transfers and MAM. The results of this study have been important and have provided a strong background on which to carry out the next study in 2014. This study will be a randomised stepped wedge trial to determine the impact of cash transfer programmes on child nutritional status. 2. Purpose of Assignment: The RF will be responsible for implementing the study related activities on a day to day basis in country and for communicating and coordinating with the Implementing Agency and the Principal Investigator (PI). The role of the RF is to work under the guidance of the (PI) on the implementation of the study design. The PI will not be based in the field full time but will support the SC remotely as and when needed and visit the site at critical junctures in the study process. Work Place: This will be split by periods of time spent exclusively in the field (around 90% of the time) and the rest working from home. The post is an unaccompanied post so it is important for the RF to be able to work unsupervised for periods of time. Major tasks to be accomplished: The RF will work on the following tasks: ? Be based full time at country and field level throughout the life of the study. ? Work closely with the implementing agency and other key stakeholders (e.g. government) to communicate the aims and objectives of the study and the implementation process. ? Explore opportunities for national level participation in the study vis a vis Government and national academic institutions. ? Establish a working base in the implementing agency office with the support for the ENN Project Manager ? Receive a detailed briefing from the PI on the generic and specific study methods (quantitative and qualitative) to be used in the project site. ? Through training from the PI, become fully conversant with the survey instruments and data collection templates. ? Identify field enumerators for the study and train them using the tools and templates for the study ensuring a very high level of understanding, consistency and accuracy in data collection. ? Consider any language barriers that need to be addressed through translation of the tools and templates. ? Plan data collection surveys in detail and oversee and coordinate all aspects of data collection. Android technology will be used if possible. Carry out spot checks every month on data collection techniques and to look at 10% of all data collected for accuracy. ? Ensure all technological equipment is up to date and in good order. ? Have regular telecom meetings with the PI and ENN Project Manager to report on progress and as and when needed, support visits. ? Produce monthly written reports for the PI and Project Manager on key developments and deliverables. This report should also be sent to ENN Project Coordinators. ? Support the analysis and write up of the study findings with the PI for peer review publication/s Duration: This will be a part-time contract of at least 220 days over a 24-36 month period. Timeframe is dependent upon sites and duration. Qualifications and specialised knowledge, experience and skills required: Education: MSc in epidemiology, nutrition or a related field Work Experience: ? 3-5 years field experience (preferably in emergency and difficult settings) with project management experience ? Previous experience of quantitative data collection including anthropometric measurements ? Previous experience in qualitative data collection ? Previous experience of training and supervision of data collection teams. ? Proven experience in data management and use of databases (Microsoft Access, Epidata, EpiInfo) ? Proven experience in data analysis. ? Proven experience in report writing to disseminate key data and findings to non-technical audiences ? Experience of working with local authorities, government, and implementing agencies Other skills and attributes: Essential - Fluent in English and French (if study is to be located in French speaking country) - Ability to lead a local team and work within a larger international team - Good statistical analysis skills - Experience of spreadsheet, database, and statistical software (preferably including STATA) - Day to day problem solving skills - Training and supervision skills - Evidence of excellent reporting and communication skills - Strong organisational skills - 2 years commitment (part time) – so flexibility needed together with a task oriented approach Desirable - Database design - Use of MOYO charts - Use of Android technology for data collection - Publications in relevant field How to Apply: Qualified candidates are requested to submit a cover letter and CV to Thom Banks with subject line Research Facilitator by April 21st 2014

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