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Call for Abstracts/ summaries, Technical Meeting on Nutrition – Oxford, UK 7-9 October 2014

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Tamsin Walters

en-net moderator

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15 Apr 2014, 13:03

The ENN will host a 3 day meeting in Oxford, UK, from 7th – 9th October 2014. The aim of the meeting is to facilitate a technical learning and networking meeting on nutrition
specific and nutrition sensitive programming in emergencies and high burden
contexts; to inform better practice, research priorities and advocacy. The meeting will
engage a broad audience (up to 200 participants) that includes NGOs, UN agencies,
academia, bilateral and multilateral donors, foundations, private sector and government
representatives. The meeting will connect with other nutritional fora planned for 2014
to maximise relevance, such as; the Global Nutrition Cluster meetings, the World Health
Assembly and the ICN-2. The ENN will document and rapidly share the meeting
discussions and outcomes.

Meeting format
The meeting will use formal and informal approaches to present, share and discuss
research, policy and programming through a combination of the following:
 Plenary presentations
 ‘Market place’ presentations
 Panel Q & A discussions
 Technical development networking opportunities such as active networking and
space and bookings for pre-identified side meetings (which, in some cases, may
be by invitation only)

Thematic Areas
A process of identification and prioritisation of thematic areas for the meeting has been
undertaken by the TMN Steering Committee. The highest ranked thematic areas have
been identified as follows:
1) Adolescent and maternal nutrition programming and research
2) Nutrition within the basic package of health services
3) Cash transfer programming (conditional and unconditional), and combinations
of cash with other sectoral interventions
4) Nutrition resilience - programming and evidence

A further six thematic areas have also been identified and will be addressed at the
5) Innovative financing in humanitarian and high burden contexts
6) Nutrition and WASH programming and research
7) Governance across the nutrition sector (institutional architecture, mandate
challenges, successes and challenges strengthening governance)
8) Nutrition sensitive agricultural programming and evidence
9) M&E, global and national systems; innovation, standardisation and alignment
10) Links between wasting & stunting (research and evidence)

We seek abstracts on these 10 thematic areas. Abstracts that address the top four
priority themes will be favoured for presentation in the plenary sessions (although
abstracts that describe ‘cutting edge’ research or programming may also be selected for
presentation at plenary). Abstracts that speak to themes 5-10 will be considered for
presentation in the side meetings and in the market place forum, in particular.

A series of cross-cutting questions will be developed over the next two months that
presentations selected for plenary will be asked to consider (you will be informed by the
meeting organisers, as required).

Required information for abstract/summary submissions

An abstract submission template can be downloaded from the ENN homepage,
The abstracts/summaries to be submitted must be no longer than 300 words.
All must be received by Friday 30th May 2014.

Please submit your abstract to the following address
You will receive an automatic email saying that it has been received.

After review of your submitted abstract/summary (likely between 2 and 4 weeks from
submission), one of three things will happen.
- It will be accepted for presentation at plenary
- It will be accepted for the marketplace
- It will not be accepted

You will be informed of the decision by email as soon as possible.

All attendees will be self-funding (unless you have secured funding from alternative
sources) as there is no funding available from the ENN for attendance of presenters.

Thank you
Emily Mates on behalf of the ENN

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