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Acute malnutrition latest guidlines

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Anonymous 2506


Normal user

20 Apr 2014, 19:05

Hi colleagues, I am looking for the latest guidelines for CMAM so I can use it in an area which has no CMAM protocol, specially for physicians who has no idea about malnutrition management (OTP, SFP and IPF). many thanks in advance.

Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera

International Medical Corps

Normal user

20 Apr 2014, 20:13

Hi, if there is no national guidelines in the country where you work, I would advise you to refer to the guidelines found in FANTA III http://

Tamsin Walters

en-net moderator

Forum moderator

21 Apr 2014, 21:16

From Robert Ackatia-Armah: WHO has updated guidelines: Robert Ackatia-Armah, PhD. Nutritionist

CMAM Forum, Nicky Dent

CMAM Forum

Normal user

22 Apr 2014, 09:23

The CMAM Forum houses many resources relating to acute malnutrition. These include generic guidelines and training material and country specific CMAM/IMAM guidelines: For specific questions about available information/resources relating to acute malnutrition you can also contact

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