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standards for kitchens/storage/hygiene for institutional feeding or wet feeding, do they exist?

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mija ververs

Normal user

10 Jun 2014, 14:24

Dear colleagues I am looking for a document. guidelines, standards that give information on norms of hygiene, food storage, aeration, surface etc related to wet feeding programmes. If we need to assess a kitchen and storage place (in a hospital, or in a wet feeding programme, or in an elderly home, or in a prison or any other institute) how would we know if their food storage place is adequate (x kg food per x m2?) ? Or what do I need to look at concerning hygiene (e.g. how many taps should there be and how far from the cooking pots? How big should the kitchen be for how many meals? I am looking for quantifiable standards/norms , not just guidelines such as : kitchen needs sufficient aeration, there should be pallets for the food in the storage place, etc). No, quantifiable norms. It would be great if you can direct me on this. thanks so much! Mija

Tamsin Walters

en-net moderator

Forum moderator

11 Jun 2014, 13:03

From Rosa Manson: Dear Sirs/Madam The ICRC give an overview of quantifiable norms on their Prison kitchen website As far as I recall for proper working conditions that the area of the kitchen(in a small prison 100-200 detainees)must be at least 200 m2. This increases along with the number of inmates. For over detainees the figure 0.1 m2 /detainees is used. That measures an area of 100m2 per 1,000 detainees. I hope the website gives you some ideas if not I will look something up and send it to you. Rosa Manson

mija ververs

Normal user

11 Jun 2014, 13:58

Thanks Rosa, that is indeed very helpful. The website worked well, do you have more of this kind of material (normative)? Warm regards, Mija

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