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Total population estimation

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Anonymous 2571

Nutrition coordinator

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2 Jul 2014, 08:13

Hi every body We are planning a SMART survey in a region where we could not get official population at smaller unit which is village. Data for population are available only at the Boma level ( Boma in South Sudan is a group of 4 to 6 villages). We have just got data for children 0-59 months per village from polio campaign with WHO. I am wondering as the population for polio campaign 0-59 months is estimated to be 21 % of the total population, to get the total population I can just use 0-59 pop per village / 0.21. Can some body help me ? Thanks in advance

Blessing Mureverwi


Normal user

2 Jul 2014, 10:20

Hello From my experience from South Sudan,21% is a good estimate of the proportion of children under 5.However I advise you to get further advice from the nutrition cluster.

Anonymous 490

Nutrition Consultant

Normal user

2 Jul 2014, 16:07

Hi there, It can be very difficult to get population information in South Sudan due to lack of record sometime in some areas,however, you need to go to the grass root and you can possibly get it. What you need to do is that, you need to go to the RRA, or local chiefs, County Commissioners Office and you will get it. Boma is too large for your sampling. In each Boma, you can possibly get many villages which can introduce serious biases even if you use segmentation. I have come across same issues in 8 states in South Sudan when I conducted SMART Surveys. I did exactly what I have written above and I succeeded. The only thing you will do is to take time, that information is there. Chiefs know the names of their villages very well and they can easily tell you the population figures. RRA Secretaries normally keep some records for their counties and they can easily help you. That WHO information is always available but is never enough to satisfy your needs. If you need simple time, please go for what I have said, because you will still have a lot of problems during data collection if you use Bomas. Some Bomas can have up to 15 villages. If ENA select 3 villages in that Boma, how will you segment, segmentation work only in one large village. If may allow me to ask, which COUNTY are you doing your survey?. I may have some information with me if it is a County I have done a survey in before. I hope that will help

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