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SFP beneficiaries

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Normal user

31 Aug 2014, 11:28

which one number I use to report the beneficiaries in SFP ? the attendance or new admission?

Anonymous 81

Public Health Nutritionist

Normal user

31 Aug 2014, 20:24

It depends on the type of report and also to whom you are reporting. Any ways, so as to provide clear picture on the overall performance of a given program, it is good if you include, total number of screened, number of new admission and total number of beneficiaries in the program and exits as well

Mark Myatt

Consultant Epidemiologist

Frequent user

1 Sep 2014, 08:27

There is no single number that summarises program performance. Attendance (i.e. number of current beneficiaries) is useful because it gives you an immediate caseload for immediate logistics planning. Admissions over time can help you decide future caseload and decide wether the program is responding to change in need (provided you have reasonable calendars of disease, food availability, dietary diversity, weather, labour demand, &c.). The routine monitoring statistics package with plots program exists (i.e. cured, transfered, lost / defaulted, non-cured, died) over time as a proportion of all exits. Length of stay (plotted as a histogram and calculated as a median) is useful for planning purposes and can act as a proxy for compliance. Weight gain (i.e. velocity in g/kg/day) or MUAC gain (mm / day) can be used to measure response. Coverage is a direct measure of how well a program meets needs and (with cure rate) can be used to measure effectiveness / impact. I think this is a minimum reporting package for SFP and TFP programs. There will also be a range of indicators for each program activity such as number of children screened, number of villages visited from screening / mobilisations / sensitisation, stock levels, disbursements (predicted, actual, residual), spoilage, and so-on.

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