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Dosage and duration of amoxicillin - do revised WHO guidelines apply to SAM?

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Casie Tesfai

Senior Nutrition Advisor - IRC

Normal user

22 Sep 2014, 20:02

WHO recently released revised guidelines for the management of pneumonia and the use of amoxicillin in children for both the IMCI & iCCM programs. The new guidelines change the duration and dosage of amoxicillin. The new guidelines state that: "Amoxicillin is more effective when given in higher doses. Increasing concentrations of antimicrobials improves their bactericidal activity. Reviews show that, for community-acquired pneumonia, amoxicillin should be given in a regimen of 80mg/kg/day in two divided doses." "Amoxicillin can be given twice instead of thrice daily for children. Amoxicillin given in a twice-daily dosage regimen is as effective as regimens of three or four-times daily, provided that the total daily dosage of amoxicillin is the same. A twice-daily schedule has advantages for caregivers and programmes as it may result in improved compliance." My question is whether this updated amoxicillin guidance on duration and dosage can (should) be applied to SAM treatment (systematic treatment in non-complicated outpatient therapeutic programs)? Thanks! Casie

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