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quellle est la place de psycho social dans la prise en charge de la malnutrition aigue sévére?

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ACF Espagne-Mauritanie dept WASH in NUT

Normal user

22 Nov 2014, 09:03

What is the role of psycho-social support in the management of severe acute malnutrition?

Óscar Serrano Oria

Unicef UK. Nutrition and ECD Programmes Specialist

Normal user

23 Nov 2014, 09:38

Dear Diallo. I would like to suggest that maybe you should develop your question a bit more? It is difficult for the colleagues at ENN to give you an useful response when the question is too open. I suggest you provide a bit of background on the reasons for your question, such as specific cases, the focus you are thinking you need for a psycho-social support in the nutrition program, what are the areas that are of most concern to you (mothers, children, community, all), etc... That will ensure you getting the experts to give you an accurate response which would help your programming. Thanks a lot



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25 Nov 2014, 17:12

Bonsoir Monsieur Diallo. La malnutrition est un probleme de sante publique et les causes sont multisectorielle. afin d´atteindre les resultats escomptes on doit agir sur les causes sous jacentes ou les acteurs primaires et secondaires influences dans l´apparition de la malnutrition. les relations du couple mere enfants et l´approche d´acceuil et des pratiques des soins sont des elements essentiels dans la rehabilitations nutritionnelle

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