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Field Exchange 48 Syria edition: your views

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Marie McGrath


Forum moderator

1 Dec 2014, 13:28

Dear en-net users
We are delighted to announce that Field Exchange 48 is now online. This large special edition focuses on programming experiences and learning on the nutrition response to the Syria crisis.

We invite you to post your comments on the views article (page 2) that ENN has written in the edition, where we share our perspective on what we have observed regarding programming experiences and the related institutional architecture and challenges involved in coordinating the response. In particular, we welcome your input on:

a) where you agree/disagree with our view
b) additional issues we have not considered
c) constructive solutions to the problems we identify
d) key questions you would you like the humanitarian/nutrition sector to address in the event there is a higher level round table discussion on this.

We look forward to a rich discussion.

Marie McGrath, Jeremy Shoham & Carmel Dolan
Field Exchange Syria Editors

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