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HEBs for young children 6-12 months

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Megan Gayford

Humanitarian Nutrition Lead Save the Children UK

Normal user

6 Jan 2015, 02:35

Happy New Year all, I am seeking guidelines for HEBs for the 6-12 month age group, as a emergency food assistance intervention. Are there any concerns with provision of this product to this young age group? Are there guidelines for softening biscuits in clean water for example for an appropriate consistency? Thanks.

Rita Bhatia

public health nutrition

Technical expert

6 Jan 2015, 13:41

the use of HEB for young children as an emergency assistance is not advisable by softening and adding water, these are not recommended and there are no guidelines. There are several products now available for the young children. Please visit under nutrition. May I ask why would you like to use the HEB ? There is no other food available? There are several reasons: the composition not adequate for the age group Nutrient density Quality and safety of water sanitation and hygiene in preparation and bacterial contamination


Forum Moderator, ENN

Forum moderator

6 Jan 2015, 14:21

Hello, Here is the link to the WFP products sheet that Rita mentions above: Best wishes, Tamsin

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