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Treatment of moderate acute malnutrition - dicharge criteria and minimum lenght of stay

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Anonymous 2814


Normal user

9 Feb 2015, 11:05

Hi! I have a question on discharge criteria and SFP. We are discharging children from SFP when they meet the following discharge criteria: • MUAC = 125 mm for two consecutive visits OR • W/H* = -2 z score for two consecutive visits Theoretically, a child could be discharge from SFP after one month of treatment. Would it be advisable to add a minimum length of stay? If so, how long should the minimum length of stay be, in order to minimize relapses? Thanks a lot

Annemarie Kueter

Emergency Nutrition Supervisor

Normal user

17 Feb 2015, 07:17

Hi, In South Sudan we are currently using a 6 week minimum stay in TSFP, based upon draft national guidelines. We discharge based on MUAC only. This means that a child will come for at least 4 visits; 1 admission visit and 3 follow-up visits. Discharging children upon the third visit gives them a total ration of 6 weeks, but would have only allowed you to monitor the child for 4 weeks. Hope this helps!

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