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Peanut allergy

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André Briend

Frequent user

24 Feb 2015, 13:18

The risk of inducing peanut allergy by giving peanut containing RUTF to patients with SAM has been a concern right from the beginning of the development of the product. Feedback from the field suggested this was a non-issue, but the question is raised periodically. In this context, readers of this forum may be interested by a large randomized trial just published in the NEJM and which suggests that the risk of developing peanut allergy later in life is dramatically reduced among children who consume peanuts between the age of 4-11 mo. See: Editorial: These results are in contrast to what many expected based on theoretical considerations, and is rather reassuring for those who have been using or promoting peanut containing RTUF to treat SAM. These results do not eliminate a potential risk when giving RUTF to children who are already allergic to peanuts, but it suggests that the prevalence of allergy is presumably very low in countries where peanuts are part of the diet. It also suggests that there is presumably no risk of promoting allergy when using RUTF in children who are not allergic to start with, and that this may even decrease the risk.

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