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Nutrition and rapid response

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Anonymous 2867

Nutrition Advisor -Medair

Normal user

17 Mar 2015, 13:32

In a conflict affected country where there is a chronic malnutrition problem, is it technically acceptable to do MUAC screening during food distribution and distribute RUTF/RUSF at the same time? -With the hope that a partner will be able to take over.
If yes, what would be the acceptable time frame/criteria for such a response?

Is this what a nutrition rapid response means?
If not, is there a recommended way/examples on how it is done in different countries

Mark Manary MD

Washington University School of Medicine

Frequent user

17 Mar 2015, 18:51

there is no problem with screening children for MAM and SAM in any context. RUTF and RUSF are safe foods. I would talk to the groups implementing treatment and see if you can refer children, rather than hope they can be accepted. Maybe distribute a 5 day amount and refer them to a MAM/ SAM clinic?

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