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Consultant needed for Link NCA nutrition response analysis guidance

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Julien Morel

ACF Nutrition Security senior advisor

Normal user

30 Mar 2015, 07:44

Action contre la Faim is looking for a consultant to design response analysis phase after a Link NCA study (Nutrition Causal Analysis). Home based April – October 2015, 20 days INTRODUCTION AND RATIONALE ACF has developed an innovative method to conduct a Nutrition Causal Analysis at a local level: the Link NCA method. The Link NCA method is a participatory structured process involving stakeholders from different sectors at a local level. While the steps for conducting the Link NCA study are well defined, a field review found that operational teams have difficulties to transform recommendations from the NCA into operational programming (Response Analysis phase). One of the identified constraints was lack of guidance and support during this phase. In 2014, ACF France received a 2 years funding from OFDA to lead a consortium with ACF USA, IMC and CONCERN in order to implement 5 Link NCA studies in 3 priority countries (Kenya, Chad and Ethiopia) with a specific objective to strengthen and follow up the response analysis stage. Response Analysis is an important step that is rapidly described in the Link NCA guidelines but need to be more elaborated to support operational teams. It includes: - Revision of operational recommendations from the Link NCA study: categorising recommendations accepted and those rejected by operational teams - Ranking of recommendations by order of priority (according to technical strategy but also feasibility, impact, operational priorities…) - Identification of operational response options. - Selection of operational response to prioritise and planning for implementation. The response analysis process should be done ideally among a group of stakeholders and coordinated by local level government authorities. OVERALL OBJECTIVE OF THE CONSULTANCY To develop and test detailed guidance for conducting a response analysis following a link NCA. OBJECTIVES OF THE CONSULTANCY 1. Desk review of existing tools for conducting multi-sectoral, multi-partners response analysis . 2. Analyse advantages and disadvantages of existing tools for the case of the Link NCA response analysis in line with operational constraints commonly found in the field. 3. To propose (and validate with consortium steering committee) a first guidance to be piloted for the response analysis stage of the Link NCA in Kenya, West Pokot (planned over a 3 months period with adequate local human resources). 4. To monitor and support the Response Analysis phase in Kenya and, when needed, be able to timely adapt the guidance within reasonable timing. 5. To finalise detailed guidance for conducting the Response Analysis phase after a Link NCA, based on results obtained in Kenya. Validate it with the consortium steering committee. OUTPUTS EXPECTED 1) Desk review of existing tolls and comparison of their advantages/disadvantages for the case of the Link NCA 2) First guidance for the Response Analysis phase 3) Methodological support to Kenya NCA field teams to implement the Response Analysis process proposed by the consultant. 4) Validated guidance for the Response Analysis phase taking into account the experience of the pilot in Kenya CONTRACT DURATION 20 working days during the period of 13th April to 27th October 2015. Punctual support is needed throughout the process (see preliminary time line below). STATUS Consultant will be contracted by Action contre la Faim (ACF) – Consultant must be registered and authorized to issue invoices. WORKING PLACE AND TRAVEL No specific working location is required. No travel is required. APPLICATION PROCESS: Interested candidates should submit their letter of interest with a short description of methodology to undertake this assignment and proposed budget to Julien Chalimbaud, Link NCA Project Coordinator, by April 10th 2015.

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