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Do stunted mother give birth to stunted children?

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Anonymous 2884

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30 Mar 2015, 08:39

I remember when I was at postgraduate school being taught that stunted mothers are more likely to give birth to stunted children, a well know fact also in animals. The physiological justification was that giving birth to a normal size baby would put his and his mother life at risk due to obstructed labour. However the WHO 2006 growth standards showed that all children, regardless of their country of origin and mother's status, can have very similar height-for-age patterns from day 0 (of course it was a purposive sample so we assume all children were well fed, cared for, mother had good diet and healthcare etc...). So does WHO 2006 finally prove that good nutrition and health can prevent stunting from birth?


Normal user

30 Mar 2015, 16:24

Hi This is an interesting question. And i the answer must reflect how the growth standards are used. All children, regardless of background, have the right to grow healthily. So a generic standard for healthy growth is a good reference for comparison. Not sure if this helps?

Anonymous 2909

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7 Apr 2015, 08:40

Thanks Sonya, however a I guess that a standard is useful as far as it is true. WHO found that, regardless of the country, all children had similar patterns of growth. Had they found that children have significantly different growth patterns they would have adopted different standards, like they did for boys and girls for example.


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17 Nov 2015, 21:29

It is true that the nutritional condition of a mother (Stunted) has a negative effect on the nutritional status ( birth weight as well body Structure) which could be also contribute the growth pastern.

How ever as far as the child get optimal care especially during the first two years it is possible to prevent and reduce the risk of stunting, that is also the principle of WHO 2006

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