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SNV BCC consultancy in Zambia

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Tamsin Walters

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15 Apr 2015, 11:43

SNV is a not-for-profit international development organization headquartered in the Netherlands. They are seeking to hire a consulting Services Provider on Behaviour Change Campaigns for Nutrition Promotion, Hand Washing with Soap and uptake of Latrine use. SNV would like the consultant to: i. Develop a communication and marketing plan for implementation to ensure hygiene promotion and enhance the demand for proper sanitation ii. Develop a sensitive and segmented Behavior change and communication strategy that is effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable. iii. Develop a road map on implementation and monitoring of BCC activities. Scope of Work includes 2 components: The specific tasks related to component 1 are: i. Undertake literature review including the SSH4A Baseline and Formative Research report on hand washing and establish the key behavioral motivators to be enhanced in relation to the practice of hand washing, open defecation, use of latrines and their maintenance disaggregated by social group – children, elderly, women , men ii. Provide recommendations on the key messages and practical approaches which can be used to promote the use and hygienic maintenance of latrines, practice of hand washing with soap at five key times iii. Capacity building of district staff on developing a BCC strategy on sanitation and hygiene including training modules. iv. Develop and test appropriate campaign massages, tool and materials to promote the use and hygienic maintenance of latrines, practice of hand washing with soap/ash Five tasks are envisaged under Component 2: Task 1: Conduct a participatory review of behaviors, attitudes, beliefs and practices of the target communities that influence change, review of existing nutrition promotion work; define priority behaviors that will influence change, paying special attention to gender differences in capacities to contribute and benefit. The main method to be employed is desk research of existing community mapping and Behavioral Motivators study Report. Task 2: Develop BCC strategy and action plan. The BCC strategy will include: i. A gender aware strategy that increases district Nutrition Coordinating committee (DNCC), school and intra-household knowledge, attitudes and practices of good nutrition, dietary diversity and agro-biodiversity. ii. A communication strategy for various target groups: people (masses), child bearing mothers, school going children and teachers. iii. A capacity building strategy for key stakeholders at district and Community level based on community mapping report. iv. Action plans Task 3: Develop and pre-test appropriate messages, tools and materials. This will include Development of: i. Methodology for implementation of the campaign for district stakeholders, SNV project staff and various key community influencers; ii. BCC training modules for capacity building of district nutrition coordinating committee officials, school teachers and nutritional champions, NGOs and private companies involved in nutrition programming. iii. Campaign materials for different media/ target audience information card, TV/radio spots/illustrative leaflets/ posters/other materials. Task 4: Build capacities of district nutrition teams, NGOs to plan, develop, implement and manage BCC activities through structured training. Task 5: Set up simple and effective M&E systems, processes in accordance with the M&E Framework to monitor the quantity, quality and effectiveness of messages. This will include: post-test of messages, tools and materials/ audits for constant improvement. If you are interested to participate in this tender please contact to obtain a full TOR and express your interest, not later than Tuesday 21st April 2015. You will then be given a set of Request for Proposal documents along with the TOR.

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