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F-75 and f-100

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Anonymous 2852

Normal user

28 Apr 2015, 11:30

We have randomly collected therapeutic feeds from a few NRCs in India and had them tested in a laboratory with the goal of evaluating the composition. Besides the WHO nutrition composition, is there any data on the safe ranges for various nutrients in such feeds?


Forum Moderator, ENN

Forum moderator

21 Jul 2015, 11:04

Hello, NutVal has some composition data for them. The source for this is the online UNICEF catalogue. It does not discuss safe ranges per se, but may help you assess the composition of those you are looking at. Best wishes, Tamsin

Alison Fleet

Nutrition Specialist, UNICEF

Normal user

21 Jul 2015, 11:34

UNICEF Supply Division would be happy to provide the specifications we use for procurement from manufacturers of these products. Many other aid agencies who also provide therapeutic milks used these specifications.

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