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Lactose Intolerance

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Masters Student

Normal user

22 May 2015, 11:48

What the treatment for SAM child suffering lactose intolerance? And SAM child suffering both lactose intolerance and celiac disease ?

Anne Walsh

Normal user

16 Jun 2015, 23:10

I have checked with colleagues at Valid. This question about lactose intolerance has come up before. It was a hot debate in NGONUT in 1997. The conclusion then was unless there are clear symptoms of lactose intolerance, usual therapeutic food should be used for nutrition rehabilitation as: 1. Lactose content of therapeutic foods is lower than that of breastmilk. Therapeutic milks and RUTF are recommended and well tolerated by SAM children and those suffering from prolonged diarrhoea. 2. The levels of gut lactose improved during therapeutic feeding, and diarrhoea observed in some children at the beginning of treatment doesnt last more than 3 days and is not generally associated with dehydration or any deterioration of the childs condition 3. In case of confirming severe symptoms of lactose intolerance the solution is small frequent meals and if insufficient as measure go for fermented milk or mixture of lactose and cereals, or finally lactose free products. 4. Regarding when lactose intolerance is combine with coeliac disease, it is assumed that lactose intolerance and malnutrition are secondary and treatment approach should follow coeliac treatment guidelines. Hope this is helpful.

Pascale Delchevalerie

Nutrition advisor

Normal user

17 Jun 2015, 08:20

Hello, Just a small precision: it is the level of gut lactAse, the enzyme to digest lactOse that is improving during nutritional treatment. Greetings

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