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Director, Global Initiatives / Deputy Project Director, SPRING (HKI)

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Tamsin Walters

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22 Jun 2015, 14:01

The Director, Global Initiatives/ Deputy Project Director is a key personnel position within the project, responsible for managing SPRING’s core-funded activities, providing strategic direction, and managing SPRING’s four technical teams. This includes responsibility for planning, coordinating, and leading SPRING’s work on anemia, social behavior change communications, agriculture-nutrition linkages, and systems strengthening. SPRING’s Director, Global Initiatives/ Deputy Project Director provides strategic guidance on evidence-based nutrition scale-up and institutionalization activities; supports SPRING’s efforts to scale up country nutrition best practices; increases global support for the use of nutrition best practices by helping to identify and advocate to key multi-lateral and bilateral partners; and is a member of the Project Management Team which is responsible for managing, monitoring, coordinating, and reporting information related to project activities to ensure objectives are achieved on time and within budget. For more information:

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