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Calculation of Mortality Rates

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Leah Richardson

Normal user

1 Jul 2015, 06:59

It's been a while since my epidemiological course work. Any open source software, or at least a formula, to convert monthly mortality rates to daily? For example 0.20deaths/1,000/month to xxdeaths/10,000/day?

Prof Anselimo Makokha

Professor, Jomo Kenyatta Unive. of Agric and Tech.

Normal user

2 Jul 2015, 07:00

One of the simplest ways in applying a formula is to proceed step by step, considering one parameter at a time, while keeping the others constant: So in this case we start by converting the 0.20 deaths /1,000/ month to deaths per 10,000/month. This will be 0.2x10,000/1000=2death/10,000/month. Then proceed to convert the deaths per month to deaths per day: 2 deaths/10,000/30 = 0.07 deaths/10,000/day

Mark Myatt

Frequent user

2 Jul 2015, 17:17

The denominator in rates have two parts. These are persons and time. If you have a rate of (you example) 0.2 / 1,000 / month then persons are 1000 and time is one month. When you want to convert a rate to a different denominator it is simplest to take it in steps (as Anselimo says above). For example: (1) Convert from persons = 1000 to persons = 10,000: 0.2 * (1000 / 10000) = 2 That is 2 / 10,000 / month. (2) Convert from one month (30.44 days) to one day: 2 / 30.44 = 0.0657 That is 0.0657 / 10,000 / day. You could round this to 0.07 / 10,000 / day.

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