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NEW RUTF RECIPE - IS IT NEEDED? - 10-15 minute survey to have your say

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Hannah Pesu

UNICEF Supply Division

Normal user

8 Jul 2015, 15:43

At UNICEF Supply Division, we are investigating the need for an alternative RUTF recipe that could be locally produced. The purpose of our research is to identify countries with a high burden of SAM, who may increase their coverage by having an alternative RUTF recipe to use in CMAM programs. We are hoping to reach as many individuals who are working directly with RUTF and CMAM programs as possible. The response rate of the survey is crucial to our project. If you are involved with CMAM projects[url=] please fill out this survey[/url], we would be grateful for your input. Survey Link: [url][/url] If you have any queries please contact - Hannah Pesu: [][/url] We are grateful for your feedback in the area of local formulation in order to improve CMAM coverage for children with SAM.

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