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syrian refugees - complementary feeding recipes

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Anonymous 3070


Normal user

14 Jul 2015, 09:38

Hi there!

I am wondering if an NGO/UN agency has developed a 'recipe' book using locally 'available' and preferred foods for complementary feeding of Syrian refugees in host communities and camps. Even better, a list of potential recipes with composition tables. the cost of food items will be covered under a grant.

Any resources will be greatly appreciated!

Patti Rundall, Baby Milk Action IBFAN UK

Policy Director

Normal user

4 Sep 2015, 16:42

IBFAN's Asia office has a delightful book of recipes for home prepared complementary foods, not specifically Syrian, nor specifically for refugees - but maybe it could still be helpful. Free to download here:
Our group in the Philippines - Arugaan - has done a lot of work on infant feeding in emergencies. I will ask whether they have recipes that can be adapted.
First steps nutrition Trust in the UK - has done excellent work on guides for carers of young children. All the materials are free to download and very easy to follow

Patti Rundall

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