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Essential Nutrition Actions Practices questions in KAP survey

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16 Aug 2015, 12:20

We are now developing a questionnaires for MCH and Nutrition survey and want to study the mothers (both pregnant and under 2) knowledge and practice on essential nutrition in he first 1,000 days period. According to our previous experiences, we have only apply iron tablet consumption (just they took or not in pregnancy and although we tried to recall # of iron tablet consumption! not got valid data on lactating mother) and deworming in children under 2.

In his survey, when we plan to add more ENA practice question with recall, there has been an issues around recall period on question and data validity on some practice like deworming in pregnancy, vitamin A and B1 supplementation for mothers and vitamin A supplementation for children.

So, if there is any documents, study and survey on ENA KAP , pls do kindly share to us and if you also have any thoughts and suggestion on question developments on that area, I am more than welcome to get your inputs.



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16 Aug 2015, 18:00

In South Sudan along with SMART survey; indicators related to IYCF and child health are captured the survey is termed as Integrated SMART survey. Questionnaire can be accessed by Nutrition Cluster website
one issue needs to be taken into consideration before adding other indicators with Anthropomorphic survey is sample size to achieve desired precision.

Mark Myatt

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17 Aug 2015, 08:29

There are a few things to consider here ...

(1) KAP questionnaires / surveys are often poor instruments with a tendency to reflect back program messages irrespective of behaviours. I think, more than any other survey type, KAP questionnaires need to be tested thoroughly. The issues you raise can only be addressed by careful design and testing. You need to "clear-eyed" about what can and cannot be collected well.

(2) Essential Nutrition Actions (ENA) covers a very broad set of program actions. You may want to limit your survey to program activities under your (or your clients) control. For example, you may not want to look at fortificant levels in flours.

(3) As you allude to in your question ... there may not be a need to look at all interventions in detail. It is often sufficient to pick a few easily recognisable interventions and ask about them as it can be difficult for respondents to distinguish between many similar interventions (it is, e.g., common to bring samples of tables &c. with you when asking about micronutrient tablets to avoid this). You will probably only be able to collect contact coverage (e.g. did they take iron / folate (FeFol) in the previous pregnancy) rather then effective coverage (e.g. shown many FeFol tablets taken over what period). This is OK as long as you admit to what you do (i.e. in the FeFol example you would not claim that your were estimating effective coverage). This is not so bad as contact coverage is a key thing to know.

(4) Sample size issues. Usually you will not need to estimate coverage with precision better than about +/- 10%. This needs an efective sample size of n = 96. Coverage is often patchy and cluster sample designs used. This means that your sample size needs to be twice that (i.e. n = 192) or larger. Interventions may or may not be universal. If (e.g.) you sample HHs with a child aged 0 - 24 months then you will have the full sample to estimate coverage of IYCF counselling activities but only about half the sample to estimate coverage of a program targeting children aged 12 - 24 months such as deworming.

(4) Cost / feasibility &c. Mostly we will want to monitor levels to identify needs and measure progress towards goals. This requires ongoing frequent surveys. These are only feasible if surveys are quick, cheap, and simple to do. Here is a quick, cheap, and simple survey method that will do some of what you need and could be adapted to do all you need that is in current use in Sierra Leone.

I hope this is of some help.


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18 Aug 2015, 05:24

Thanks Rakesh Ratna Shrivastava.

I will check it on the website you mention.
By the way, is there any sample question for Vit B 1, Vit A and Iron tablet consumption with detail recall on # of table consumed by mothers.

best regards,


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20 Aug 2015, 02:11

Thanks Mark Myatt. Your comments make a lot support on us.

Mark Myatt

Frequent user

20 Aug 2015, 07:24

Thank you for your kind comments.

We are a community here at EN-NET and all of us contribute to supporting our field.



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23 Dec 2017, 12:32

am also going to conduct ENA KAP survey in the community .but I don't have adaptable questionnaire to do this .please help me if you have any related document .

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