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does EN software work for more than 5 years

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Anonymous 3126

student / Institute of Medicine,

Normal user

19 Aug 2015, 07:16

How does EN software work for more than 5 years ! If yes , please help for me correction factor .

Mark Myatt

Frequent user

19 Aug 2015, 10:44

You can check this yourself (just create a small dataset with some ages > 60 months and try to add indices). Since EN (I think you mean "ENA for SMART") uses the WGS child growth reference it should cover the whole of the reference population. See The W/H reference (e.g.) covers heights from 45 to 120 cm (these will usually cover children younger that 6 months and older than 5 years). The W/A child growth references is, however, limited to <= 5 years. See here for the WGS standards for 5 - 19 years (BMI/A and H/A) and 5 - 10 years (W/A). The problem with older children is that anthropometric status is complicated to assess due to the pre-adolescent growth-spurt which shows considerable variation both within and between settings in terms of start age and duration and also by puberty. There is a set of macros / scripts than you can use to calculate indices fro older children using a range of common statistics applications. I hope this helps.

Scott Logue

Normal user

19 Aug 2015, 19:47

Also, the most recent version of ENA for SMART (June 28, 2015) is available to download for free on the SMART website at:

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