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Quantification and Supply Plan for Management of Acute Malnutrition Products

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Normal user

20 Aug 2015, 04:23

Do we have any tools for quantification and supply planning of Management of Acute Malnutrition products i.e RUTF, F-100, F-75, RESOMAL etc? I would be glad to check if there is anyone working within a CMAM program who would be interested to apply Quantimed and Pipeline as tools for Forecasting and designing supply plans for their CMAM program. In addition to be able to create procurement tables with complete descriptions for each of the CMAM products be it RUTF, F-100,F-75,RESOMAL.

Sameh Al-Awlaqi

Public Health and Nutrition Consultant

Normal user

20 Aug 2015, 10:04

Hi Wisdom,
Can you check this link // it is for Yemen nutrition cluster,within it you can find an excel sheet called Yemen-Forecast,it has the supplies details/forecast you have looking for. It is for UNICEF Yemen.Hope it helps. Regards,Sameh

Saskia van der Kam


Normal user

20 Aug 2015, 10:32

Dear Sameh,
thank you for sharing. It is rather clear, although I wonder about the origin of the underlying assumptions. How did UNICEF arrive at the average consumption of Resomal, F75 , F100 and RUTF ??? Is this standardized over all countries, or is this specific for Yemen?
There is often a discrepancy between what MSF forecasts and consumes in the field and the calculation tool of UNICEF.


Hatty Barthorp

Global Nut Advisor / GOAL

Normal user

20 Aug 2015, 12:00

Dear Wisdom,

GOAL developed a tool for CMAM planning purposes in Ethiopia a few years back whereby the worksheet has two tabs for each component (therapeutic foods / drugs / NFIs / rapid response team requirements / S&A team requirements). One tab shows the formula calculations (which can obviously be adapted as necessary to the context) and a duplicate tab entitled 'Logs - procurement' which just shows estimated quantity requirements. Pls email and I will send this through if you think it might be useful.

Tammam Ali

H&N Project Manager/Relief International

Normal user

20 Aug 2015, 15:32

UNICEF Formula
3 sachets of RUTF per day*7 days*6 weeks

Sameh Al-Awlaqi

Public Health and Nutrition Consultant

Normal user

24 Aug 2015, 18:31

Hi Saskia,

Thanks for your comment.

The UNICEF assumption is based on the catchment population,under 5 children and SAM rate and number of under 5 SAM in a given country.It takes into account the national protocols and admissions trends,which can be modified accordingly. It has standard recommended QTY for nutritional supplies per child per an average length of stay in programme,which you can also modify (against the internationally recommended QTY ) within the input tables.

I would appreciate if you can share MSF method for calculation of nutrition supplies.

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