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Example of Quantification and Supply Planning for RUTF, F-100,F-75, CMV and ReSoMal

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27 Aug 2015, 15:05

Greetings, In an earlier script l asked on a quantification and supply planning approach for Nutrition products. In this current script l share the shipment planning summary by product which l performed using Quantimed and Pipeline software. Its unfortunate that l failed to attach in this site. So let me know( l will be glad to send the 2-page pdf summary file for your perusal. In a nutshell the method has the following column headings for a 30 month period: Product name; Supplier name; Funding Source; Recipt Date;Quantities Required; Stock Status(Planned/Unplanned); Costs(Products and Freight Costs). Let me have your views on this approach.

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