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Which age group to prioritize when limited MMN available

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Anonymous 94

Normal user

1 Sep 2015, 12:27

We have a large community nutrition program in Haiti covering over 10,000 children monthly. The national nutrition protocol calls for the distribution of MNP which has not been consistently available for the past few years. My organization is currently receiving a donation of chewable MMN of the same formulation as MNP, enough for approximately 5,000 children 6-59 mo per month. Because of the limited quantity we have been distributing it to the 6-59s every other month as we would with the MNP (30 doses q 60 days). Looking for opinions on changing this to prioritize the 6-23 months group and give them monthly. Would it be better? Why? Is it appropriate to consider chewable MMN as the same as MNP in this situation?

Prof Anselimo Makokha

Professor, Jomo Kenyatta Unive. of Agric and Tech.

Normal user

2 Sep 2015, 05:54

Do you have information on the age group that is most affected by the deficiency condition the intervention (MNP/MMN) is addressing? If not then it may be better to continue distributing it to the whole 6-59 month age group every other month the way you have been doing till you obtain evidence on which age group should be prioritized in the situation of limited supplies of the MMN/MNP.

Samuel OGARE

Program Officer- WFP

Normal user

3 Sep 2015, 05:45

Since most of child growth and development faltering mostly occur within the 6-23 months, I would prefer you go with your decision to serve this age bracket...meanwhile working on acquiring more MMNs to extend to the rest of 24-59. Good luck.

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