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MAM incidence over hungry season in Chad

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Anonymous 3202

Independent consultant (statistics)

Normal user

4 Oct 2015, 14:27

I am currently involved in a project that will investigate the effect of prevention/treatment programmes on the incidence of MAM in Chad over the hungry season.

The study has two measurement points, one in June and one in October. In order to calculate the required sample size, I need an estimate of the average incidence of MAM over this period, but I have not been able to find any figure.

I would appreciate any thoughts on this you might have.


Mark Myatt

Consultant Epideomiologist

Frequent user

8 Oct 2015, 08:54

This question should probably be on the Assessment forum.

I am not sure that you are measuring incidence. Any cases that become cases after point 1 may recover before point 2. The cases are point 2 will be:

  number of incident cases - number of recovered cases

which is prevalence.

Have I got this wrong?

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