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Consultant needed for scoping study to inform capacity building and institutionalisation strategy (LinkNCA)

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Julien Morel

ACF Nutrition Security senior advisor

Normal user

23 Oct 2015, 16:11

Action contre la Faim is looking for a consultant to undertake a scoping study to inform Link NCA project strategy with regard to sustainable capacity and institutionalization. Home based November – December 2015, 15 days INTRODUCTION From 2010, ACF has initiated and led a group of operational and research agencies (TUFTS University, IRD and WFP) to develop and test a method, process and tools for conducting a nutrition causal analysis leading to informed nutrition security programming . The Link NCA is a participatory structured process involving stakeholders from different sectors at a local level from initial preparatory work to linking results to operational programming. ( The Link NCA project is currently led by Action Against Hunger, in partnership with International Medical Corps and Concern Worldwide, with financial support from OFDA to ensure awareness, capacity building and technical support for the implementation of Link NCA studies. Because improving efficiency and decision making at field level requires a systematic institutionalization of nutritional causal analyses, the Link NCA strategy for the coming 3 years emphasizes the need to improve and institutionalize capacity to carry out Link NCA studies. One of our objectives is that the Link NCA methodology becomes a well-known tool, used systematically (and at scale) in undernutrition high-burden areas, while capacity to undertake Link NCA studies is developed and sustained. OBJECTIVE OF THE CONSULTANCY Undertake a scoping study to inform Link NCA project strategy with regard to sustainable capacity and institutionalization RATIONALE OF THE CONSULTANCY What is at stake internally and externally: ACF has the ambition to “create more demand” for Link NCA studies, to enhance capacity to answer to the demand in terms of technical backstopping, improvement and further development of the methodology and tools, capacity building, and implementation. There are high expectations concerning the Link NCA methodology and many requests for support, with still a fairly limited capacity to respond. The central question of the capacity building and institutionalization strategy to be developed is: How to keep and sustain expertise and capacity in a sustainable way, promote the Link NCA process as a standard, recognized prerequisite for nutrition-oriented programming, develop overall capacity, while continuing to enhance the method, in a cost-effective way? OUTPUTS OF THE CONSULTANCY Institutionalization of a methodology (in this case the Link NCA) can be carried out through integration in institutions policy frameworks. It should also/primarily come from choices and strategies of international actors (donors, NGOs (including ACF), platforms, Clusters, etc.). The expected outputs of this consultancy are: 1. Advise on a list of other capacity building and institutionalisation initiatives (such as HEA, CaLP, SMART – but also thinking out of the box) 2. Consult, benchmark and produce a short desk review of these initiatives, highlighting different strategies, results, and lessons; strengths and weaknesses. 3. Identify relevant core institutions, stakeholders, platforms, initiatives to partner with or target at global, regional and national level (stakeholder mapping and analysis – examples could be NGOs, UN, donors, Clusters, regional nutrition information working groups, SUN); and consult with existing partners IMC, Concern and ACF US. 4. Make practical recommendations to support institutionalization of the Link NCA approach and propose a definition of strategic objectives, and associated outputs, indicators, activities and means. METHODOLOGY The methodology for conducting the consultancy work and delivering outputs will be proposed by the consultant in technical proposal as part of the application package. CONTRACT DURATION 15 working days during the period of 16th November – 23rd December 2015. STATUS Consultant will be contracted by Action contre la Faim (ACF) – WORKING PLACE AND TRAVEL Home based - No specific working location is required. No travel is required. APPLICATION PROCESS: Interested candidates should submit by November 12th 2015 : - A letter of interest, detailing previous experience relevant to the consultancy, a description of methodology and workplan to undertake this assignment (technical proposal) and financial proposal (daily rate) - A Curriculum vitae to Julien Morel, Nutrition security and social protection senior advisor

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