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GOAL is recruiting Nutrition Impact & Positive Practice (NIPP) Global Manager

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26 Oct 2015, 16:05

LOCATION: Roving (African based programs) including: Sudan, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Niger additional countries as requested Duration: 12 months with 6 months’ probation / Required start date: 1st November 2015 Summary of Role: Working as part of a multidisciplinary team, the NIPP Project Manager will provide remote and roving technical coordination and support to NIPP implementing programmes during the duration of this contract. In this time s/he will provide support and assistance to country programme teams on the review and evaluation of all aspects of their NIPP projects and on documenting their progress to date. The NIPP Project Manager will work with the HQ Technical Team in refining and improving the M&E toolkit and database currently in use as well as leading on research and evaluation on the NIPP approach to move through its current proof of concept stage. S/he will also develop and maintain an Intranet site on NIPP resources and monitoring tools. The NIPP project is a community based initiative aiming to improve nutrition security and care practices through behaviour change (BC), including promotion of improved care and feeding practices, household hygiene-sanitation hard-ware and utilisation & homestead gardens. It targets high risk individuals/ households (HHs) and is currently being implemented in Sudan, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Niger. Nutrition Impact and Positive Practice (NIPP) circles provide an alternative means of community-based, moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) treatment, chronic MN treatment and MN prevention, to food hand-out style nutrition programs, designed to: Treat mild or moderate malnutrition in the community – acute & chronic (in young children); Prevent future episodes of malnutrition including intrauterine growth restricted babies, leading to low birth weight (LBW), through treatment of pregnant/lactating women (PLW); and thus Help to reduce the prevalence and thus burden of chronic malnutrition. The project achieves these outcomes through improving the nutritional status and reducing the risk of further undernutrition of targeted high risk individuals. GOAL's NIPP circle project is based on replicable, peer-led education and practical demonstrations, to support positive behaviour change (BC) in communities where inappropriate behaviours are known to contribute to malnutrition. The design acknowledges the different roles of men and women in contributing to household nutrition, and includes the community at large to improve awareness and buy-in and reduce negative messaging. Duties/Responsibilities: A specific scope of work will be provided for each country allocation, however overall the NIPP Project Manager will; Familiarise themselves in detail with CORE Groups Designing for Behaviour Change (SBD) frameworks and associated use of Barrier Analyses (BAs). The global DBC TT member should be consulted to ensure a clear understanding is attained prior to field deployment. Work as a part of the programme team in each country programme to assist them with the review, evaluation, implementation, monitoring and analysis of NIPP interventions in operational areas. In some contexts this will require working with partner organisations to provide a similar supporting role. Support any new countries wishing to integrate the NIPP project into their country program with the requisite planning, training and start-up support. During country support visits, ensure that implementation adheres to the core principles of the initiative. Be responsible for remote technical support to all implementing countries and answer technical queries and provide remote support in an appropriate manner. Explore opportunities to and lead on facilitating cross country learning activities for NIPP implementing managers. Work with the M&E team both in-country and the global technical team advisor to ensure data collection is accurate, complete and timely, plus resolve any database issues as they arise. Oversee the master database tracker to ensure timely data collection is adhered to in the field (where possible). Work with the global M&E technical team to update and amend the main database template and toolkit, to improve ease of use for field teams, whist ensuring that indicators for log-frames are easily collectable. They will also ensure a simple log is maintained of all changes to both the DB and toolkits for reference. In collaboration with the global M&E and Senior Nutrition technical team members lead on developing NIPP project research proposals and evaluations to enable us to review the approach, identify it’s strengths and weaknesses and identify specific contexts in which it does/doesn’t work. Lead on seeking out opportunities to raise the profile of the NIPP approach at appropriate national and international nutrition / health forums. Work with GOAL’s Senior Nutrition advisor to agree on pertinent updates in the guidelines, supporting documents and the database and action. Ensure learning reviews (using standard GOAL template) are conducted by each country on an annual basis towards the end of an annual cycle and ensure that appropriate actions are included the following 12m activity plans, to avoid repeating errors and profit from positive lessons. Put together maintain a resource file on GOAL Intranet on GOALs NIPP project Requirements: Essential Master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition (PHN), health promotion or related field Experience with social and behaviour change communication in developing countries A minimum of 12 months development related overseas experience Motivated and proven experience of working on own initiative Proven experience with monitoring and evaluation (M&E) Proven experience in leading and / or managing qualitative and quantitative research projects, preferably in a developing context. Advanced excel and database management skills, including use of formulas and linking sheets Desirable Experience in developing community activities and supporting behaviour change materials for a variety of target audiences. Strong skills in community development and understanding the different operational environments encountered in developing contexts is an advantage. Experience of conducting community research. The successful candidate will also have excellent analytical, interpersonal, organizational, and cross-cultural skills; demonstrated ability to perform and prioritize a variety of tasks within designated deadlines, excellent team work skills and a demonstrated capacity to produce results. To apply please go to

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